29. Want Christmas Gone
Lyrics by Callan Cartledge
Music by SaintKitten
Original Soundtrack "Want You Gone"
©Jonathan Coulton for the game Portal 2 by VALVe
Sung by Ellen McLain

Well it is Christmas now...
It's always been such a fun time,
remember when you gave me a bad cake?
Oh how we ate and ate,
Except I didn't eat it.
under the curcimstances,
I was shockingly nice!

You want your presents, take them.
Thats what I'm counting on...
I used to want your cake,
but now I want christmas gone,

She was a lot like you,
except maybe not as much gifts.
Now little rudolf is in here to,
one day they gave me gifts,
so I can give forever,
it's such a shame that you're on the naughty list.

You've got your short holiday.
thats what I'm counting on,
I used to want your cakes,
but now I want christmas gone,

Goodbye my only gifts,
oh, did you think I meant you?
That would be merry, if it wasn't so sad,
well you have been replaced,
I don't want christmas now,
WWhen I delete it,
I'll stop feeling so bad,

Go cause some new holiday,
thats what i'm countining on,
your someone elses santa.
Now I want christmas gone,
Now I want christmas gone.
Now I want christmas....