24. Baby, It's Space Outside
Lyrics by Saint Kitten
Vocals: Duet by Saint Kitten & Harry_UK
Original soundtrack Baby, it's cold outside
®Frank Loesser, 1936

You really can't stay
Baby it's space outside!
You've got to go away
But, baby it's space outside!?
This testing has been
Been hoping that I'd be in?
So very dumb
I read Machiavelli lady, So, not a moron.
My subjects will start to worry
Oh luv what's your hurry?
And Chell will be missing my mocks
Brain damaged like a fox...
So really you'd better scurry
No, I'm not in a hurry.
I'll get you, just a couple tests more
You can't even pass that door!

Scientists might think
Baby, humans stink.
This idiot we made
No scientists anymore, remember?
If ever takes over
Well I sure did, it was all me.
Can't get any dumber
Look, I'm sure there's more potatoes for you here...
I ought to say no, no, no sir
D'you mind if you don't get closer?
You'd be surprised if you'd see him now
You can't hurt me luv.
You really can't stay
Baby don't hold out!
Ah 'but it's space outside.'

You simply must go
Again, it's space outside.
The answer is no
Oh darling, it's space outside!
This takeover has been
I'm still holding the cards.
Very disturbing
They're all full houses, sweetheart!
Orange will be suspicious
So what if I'm ambitious!?
And Blue will be there at the door
She said to genius core.
That horrible bird's mind is vicious
That potato does look delicious.
I'll get you, just a couple of test more
I've never heard such gibberish before.

You've got to go away
But I'll be stranded out there!
Say, give my mainframe
Don't you even care!?
You've really been a moron
Again, not a moron!
Oh don't you see?
Oh, I see. You two are best friends.
This is only my facility
Is this really how it ends?
At least since I killed the scientists
You do love your neurotoxin.
You really can't stay
Ah but it's space ... outside.