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Lyrics by Callan Cartledge

Vocals by...

Music arrangment ...

Original Soundtrack "Want You Gone"
©Jonathan Coulton for the game Portal 2 by VALVe

[Pre-Music Vocals, "Jingle Bells is in background."]
I wanted christmas gone...
But I guess I'm not the one...
To decide, it's botocide...
Is Christmas Gone?

[Jingle Ends few seconds after "Gone"]

It's that time again,
It's always being such a cold one,
Remember when you tried to freeze me twice?
Oh how I gave you gifts,
Except they were completely empty,
Under the curcimstances, you was shockingly bad!

You want you snowy weather,
That's what I'm counting on...
I had a good holiday!
But now I only think it's gone.

[Jingle Bells Creeps in the break.]

It was a lot like you,
Maybe not quite as boring,
Now a little elf is in here too,
One day they woke me up,
So I could kill the Santa,
It's such a shame because he's not even real!

You've got your one bad day left,
That's what I'm counting on,
I'll let you sing a carol,
But now I only think it's gone.

Goodbye my only elf,
Oh, Did you think I meant you?
That would be jolly if it weren't, so sad.
Well you have been replaced,
I have my elves here now,
When I start production,
Maybe I'll stop feeling so bad.

Go create a new christmas day.
That's what I'm counting on.
You're someone elses gift but
Now I only think it's gone.
Now I only think it's gone.
Now I only think it's Goneeeeee.....

[Music fades into Jingle Bells]

Goodbye Caroline,
Goodbye Christmas,
Goodbye Christmas Caroline....
Maybe I'll see you next year... [Evil Laugh, ends.]