17. Chell Baby (be warned, it's Wheatley!)
By pennykettle
Vocals by Harry_UK
Music Arrangements by Harry_UK
Original Soundtrack "Santa, Baby"
© Joan Javits and Philip Springer, 1953

Chell baby, plug me into the panel there, if you dare

Err, I meant you are really pretty

Chell baby, just say apple for me

Chell baby, pop a portal onto that wall too, light blue

Please watch your step, Chell dear

Chell baby, just say apple for me

I'm going to try to hack

AH! You scared me while I turned my back

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

That did NOT end well, move along

Chell honey, being in power feels real great

what'd you say?

I DID ALL OF THE WORK! (said in an angry tone,but still is sang in the right way)SELFISH LADY, TIME TO PUNCH YOU INTO THIS PIT! (reverts to normal after this line)

Wow Wheatley(talking to himself) , you really should have kept your cool, you fool

Chell is probably dead

Chell cutie, I really need you back with me.

Oh, Wheatley, you badly need to get some rest, a test

Turrets + Cubes = Fun

Franken cubes, GET ON THE BUTTON NOW!

Oh! Hello! You two are back

I was starting to get this itch, without you

Oh you two are close to my lair

The first time I've said it out loud

Chell baby, forgot to mention one little thing, Neurotoxin.

But not for me

Chell baby, I wish I could take it all back

I wish I could take it all back

I wish I could take it all back