Drawing contributed by doodles4cash

16. God Rest You, All Corrupted Cores
By Technogeek1994
Vocals by […]
Original Soundtrack God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen
©William B. Sandys, 1833

God rest you, all Corrupted Cores
Let none of you dismay
Remember that you can survive
On just 1.1 Volts

And that you're all corrupted
And as useless as can be
But you may have some use against Wheatley
To bring him down
You might have some use in fighting the moron

God rest you, Mr. Space Core
We know you want to leave
And go to see the sun and stars
And all the galaxies

And go to see some nebulas
The Apollo lander too
And now Wheatley is one quarter corrupt
Since you're attached
Yes, the neurotoxin stopped now thanks to you

God rest you now, Adventure Core
You are the mighty Rick
You love explosions and fire
And car chases and bombs

And hanging from a clifftop's edge
By just your fingertips
The Explosion Timer's now destroyed
That's good for us
But the building's going to blow up anyway

Now here comes the final core
And this one should do it
You're full of facts and love to share
Although you make no sense

You talk about Schrodinger's cat
And child-abducting Dutch
Then we finally finish off Wheatley
He is corrupt
Thank you, Fact Core, you just finished off this job

God rest you all Corrupted Cores
Your work here now is done
Enjoy your long vacation
To the moon and beyond

We thank you that you're so corrupt
So Science would be restored
And GLaDOS' control is now regained
Now regained
GLaDOS is now back in her rightful place