Wheatley drawing contributed by doodles4cash

15. Last Testing (WIP)
By Astrophysx_12, and a wheeee bit LiaCroft
Music: Harry_UK

Vocals by […]
Original Soundtrack Last Christmas
©WHAM!, 1984

Last testing, I gave you my heart,
But the very next test, you made is a mess.
This time, to save it from fire,
I'm keeping it somewhere special.

Once murdered, twice shy,
I see you've met a little blue-eyed guy...
Tell me Chell, why do I recognise him?
I remember, hes a moron, created to confuse me.

(Happy Christmas)
I even bought confetti,
Shame they don't really love you, fatty.
That's right, I made it all up,
Haha, you fool! That door leads into my central hub.

Last testing, I offered you cake,
But the very next day, you thought it was fake.
This time, to save me from fire,
I'm putting you somewhere special.

Crowded room, full of turrets,
What have you done with my cute little white pets?
My god! You we're busy down there!
And now I've got no neurotoxin, I'm quite aware.

Core transfer? Don't give me that fool!
Aperture Science can't run under his rule.
???????? <-- Any ideas? This bit was rubbish.

Last christmas, I gave you a test,
But the very next day, you laid me rest.
Contrary, I tried to be merry,
But I'm a potato battery.

I can't stand this bird for one more day!
I think we're here to stay.
(Somewhere special)
(Somewhere spaceial?)