14. Helping Chell
By Gordon Nukem
Vocals by Saint Kitten & LiaCroft
Music Arrangement by www.karaoke-version.de
Original Soundtrack Jingle Bells
©James Lord Pierpont, 1850-1857

Get up out of bed
Can you say the word apple?
Oh look, you jumped instead
Let's smash through this wall
Find the portal gun
GLaDOS is alive
***Oh dear it looks like we're both done***
Wait no, I haven't died

Oh, helping Chell, helping Chell
I will set you free
Soon I'll make a distraction
Then we've gotta quickly flee
Helping Chell, helping Chell
Follow me, let's run!
Corrupt the turrets then we'll
Destroy the neurotoxin

Now we're finally here
Please put me in control
Press the Stalemate button
I'm massive and you're small!
I did all of the work
Little Wheatley did it
I am not a moron, just look,
I've punched you in this pit!

Oh, killing Chell, killing Chell
I'll break your fat spine
You keep GLaDOS out of here
This facility is mine!
Killing Chell, killing Chell
Yes you're gonna die!
You think that you can hurt me?
Haha, just you bloody try!

Now you're finally here
Talk about deja vu
Press the Stalemate button
The bombs explode on you!
What, how did you survive?!
Don't shoot the portal there!
***Hey please pull me back inside!***
I'm floating through the air!

Sorry Chell, sorry Chell
That's what I would say
Wish I could take it all back
And not just cause I'm in space
Sorry Chell, sorry Chell
Nothing left to do
Guess I'm stuck here forever
But I really don't blame you