13. Wheatley the Blue-Eyed Moron
By Technogeek1994
Edited lyrics and vocals LiaCroft
Piano: Sam White, L & S Music, www.samwhite.info
Original soundtrack Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
© Gene Autry, 1949

You know testing and testing.
And chambers and such.
All the cubses and lasers.
That hurt you so much...
But do you recall the dumbest moron of all?

Wheatley the blue-eyed moron
Had a single bright blue eye
But if it ever shone light
Wheatley's sure that he would die

All of the lab boys' data
Really showed the truth, they said
And so they told poor Wheatley
"Never shine light from your head!"

Then one day in the factory
GLaDOS shut off the light
And so he was forced to choose
To try to help through his fright

Then suddenly the surprise
Lab boys' data was all wrong
He could shine light undying
Guiding safely Chell along!

Dear Sam, thanks al lot for the quick recording!
I enjoy our vocal sessions/lessons every Tuesday!