07. Testing Wonderland II
Lyrics by GLaDOSv3.11
Vocals by GLaDOSv3.11
Original soundtrack Winter Wonderland
©Music: Felix Bernard, Lyrics: Richard B. Smith, 1934

In the room, turrets hidin'
On this test, you aren't relyin'
On my words of advice
For getting it right
Testing through this Aperture Lab.

Got away in the last test
If you stayed, you'd be the best
Test subject I've had
At making me mad
Testing through this Aperture Lab.

In the laboratories we had fun though
Someday we'll remember this and laugh.

I'll say: Are you crazy?
You'll say nothing.
And continue to find me
In my lair

Then you had conspired
To throw me in the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that you made,
Testing in this Aperture Lab.

Why don't you stop and have a party?
I really haven't lied, don't you see?
I'll use my lasers to make a straight line
A half the lab for you and some for me

When you say no, it's chillin'
Because I know what must be coming
Put down that gun, we'll have more fun
Testing through this Aperture Lab.