06. Testing Wonderland I
Lyrics by pennykettle
Vocals by […]
Original soundtrack Winter Wonderland
©Music: Felix Bernard, Lyrics: Richard B. Smith, 1934

Rattman sings
are you listenin'
Through the pain
Chell's persistent

Gel begins to flow
Checks will start to glow
Portaling in a Testing Wonderland

Gone away is the black bird
Here to stay is [REDACTED]
Needless to say,
it takes me away
Portaling in a Testing Wonderland

Aperture Science was such a great place
Everyone testing out toys (ASHPD)

Though it still is today
Even with humans
Most gone or killed away
By ,of course, their choice

Right now I despise you
As you shoot orange and blue, too
The pannels; they lift
Through plants you must sift
Portaling in a Testing Wonderland

While I was dead, Nanobots kept Science going
Trying to force subjects to test
Of course they miserably failed
Because I am the very, very, very best

All the turrets, it's quite thrilling
Get close, they start killing
Their optics; they're beaming
I love all this screaming
Portaling in a Testing Woderland